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About Us

TOUR DE SERENITY was established in 2017. The objective was to provide travelers to India the highest standard in travel arrangements. TOUR DE SERENITY is widely recongnised as one of the truly specialist companies in India, with the knowledge and understanding of how to deliver complete holiday.

TOUR de Serenity Company taking care of all travel needs; focus mainly on Holidays and Hotels with an aim to provide the best experience to the explorers.

We work to the principle that the best advice is born out of personal experience. We are closely working with regional/ local people and travelled professionals which have good knowledge of destinations and experiences about the place. We are connected with travel professionals of different destinations & tourism products across the India. We are taking care of your needs and providing tours as per destination suitable.

Official Website: www.tourdeserenity.in & www.tourdeserenity.com

Company Core Experience: Planning, Designing and organizing Holidays and Hotels. TOUR DE SERENITY is providing need-based solutions to its clients and business associates the world over.

The company offers a comprehensive range of travel related services, including:

Custom-designed tailored tours for individuals and small groups.

Other Ventures: www.splendidkutch.in

Splendid Kutch Tourism & Hospitality actively working in Gujarat since 2004 for Endogenous Tourism Project of Ministry of Tourism – Government of India and UNDP (United Nation Development Program), Parth Ashutosh Mehta is the founder of Splendid Kutch Tourism & Hospitality, a traveller, explorer and a biker. He is the person to contact for exploring the unseen parts of Kutch and charting out an itinerary. Parth is one of the few people in the hospitality industry in Kutch that promotes responsible and sensitive tourism.

Aagantuk is partnering with Splendid Kutch Tourism & Hospitality for the shared value of responsible and sensitive tourism.

Parth since the inception has been contributing professionally to community run village resort Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort’ in Hodka Village, & ‘Rann Visamo Village Resort’ which has been an iconic beacon for tourists and has been the backdrop for popular ‘Kachchh nahi dekha toh kuch nahi dekha’ ad campaign by Gujarat Tourism, “Incredible India” ad campaign by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

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